Active Pharma originated in year 2000 and since then we have developed strong credibility and solid reputation within the Food, Health and Nutraceutical Industry. We pride ourselves on offering quality raw material at very competitive prices.

Active Pharma is a leading Herbal and Nutraceutical raw material supplier located in - Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Our direct partnerships with local and overseas manufacturers give us the autonomy to monitor the quality of each raw material from start to finish. All of our raw materials are manufactured under strict quality measures and have gone through strict in house quality testing. Our QC department selects raw materials that meet the United State's Pharmacopoeia (USP) limits of heavy metals, pesticides, solvent residue and microbiology.

We look forward to the opportunity of making you one of our many satisfied customers. Active Pharma Inc also provides our customers with proprietary formulas and custom blending. We have the ability to supply all customers in 1 Kg quantities to 10,000 Kg orders.